Datalogging Multi Meter for under $500?

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I have a need for a basic datalogger / multimeter.

What I'm intending to measure :

* AC ~1-2V (RMS output of an audio controller) a few times a minute over
8 hours to find out if the operator is constantly running it over the
prescribed limits (for long periods of time)

* Temperature - just how stable is that wine fridge of mine ;)

* 240VAC - how variable is that socket over a couple of hours

I've seen this :

I'm yet to find a manual to explain the limitations of the logging (min
/ max sample rates).

I've got a junk laptop I could use but its a bit clunky...

Ideas and / or suggestiongs anyone?

Cheers, Antony.

Re: Datalogging Multi Meter for under $500?

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It's all about the software. The PC software on these cheapies can vary
enornmously, some of them bordering on unusable. Beware.

Don't know about that Altronics one, but for $300 I'd at least want
autoranging. But if it's just for datalogging then I guess that's ok.

For $500 you can almost buy the latest Fluke 289:

For temperature logging you simply cannot beat the ThermoChron iButton
loggers from Dallas/Maxim: ?
Cheap, simple, tiny, no cables, waterproof, Excel import, and battery lasts
for >5years.
You can even stick them all throughout an enclosure or whatever to get a 3D
thermal map of whatever it is you want.


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