unilab telecommunications transceiver

can anyone shed some light on Uni-lab telecommunications at all? A uni-lab
KL micro series transceiver (radio repeater, high band VHF) has landed on my
workbench & i have no info on it at all apart from the transmit & receive
frequencies & the fact that it's dead.. the following information is printed
on the back of it:
uni-lab telecommunication ltd
459 scarborough beach rd
osborne park 6017
western australia
model kl150B/u/5/26
date 05/91
a google search has thus far turned up nothing regarding this unit or the
company responsible for it..
any help tracking down a manual or contacts etc much appreciated.
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It's across the road from my gym. I'll have a look for you next time I'm there.
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Fraser Johnston
probably not alot of point - they arent there anymore ;) well, from what i can gather anyway.
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but he needs the exercise, dodging the traffic crossing the road
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Ed -}
Have a search for the Kyodo KL150. Then maybe try Imark as they are the Kyodo agents in Australia.
The Unilab unit was based on that one - although I think they changed the PA board design.
Otherwise, as someone else said, try Spectra Engineering in Malaga, WA. The guys there were involved in Unilab.
Unilab have been gone for a long time now. It went something like Unilab --> Stanilab --> Australian Defence Industries --> gurgler!
You could have a go at trying ADI as well - good luck!
Jenal Communications
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