tv no raster & low sound

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Can anyone tell me where to troubleshoot this type of tv problem? i
have here 30 inches SONY tv. Model No: KV-HF21N70 that has no raster
(totally black). It responds when turned on/standby through a remote
control & front panel. the moment i turn it on, i hear 1 click and i
see the screen flashes white. i also feel the static that the tube is
producing (i think high voltage is present). When any button is pressed

in the remote, it causes the red LED to flash (i think an indication
that a signal is received) but nothing happens. i observed that when i
move near the speaker, i can hear a very low sound that responds
whenever i press the volume control. but when i press the channel
button, the sound disappears. gently tapping the case didnt restore the

normal operation. one last thing. when the tv is in standby mode,
pressing the channel button on the remote causes it to turn on. what
could be the problem?

thanks in advance,


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