sony kv-35s65 TV no picture no sound

Hi, here is what happened. TV was turned off properly in afternoon. When I try to turn on in evening, only hear normal sound from TV been turned on or off, no picture, no sound. Any idea what's wrong, or which part I should check? The main power fuse seems ok, as I pull it off, power on/power off won't work.



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Its beyond you to repair this Model call a service shop.

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This is not something that you can service at home. The basic procedure is to take the service manual, and follow up the voltages in the power supply to verify if it is working correctly, and then on to the scan circuits to verify them as well. Then there is the hard troubleshooting for failed components. You will need the proper training, tools, and instruments to do this type of work. Also, there are serious safety issues when working inside of TV sets.

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