Sony RPTV problem

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Hi all,

A friend has a Sony KPFW46M31 RP TV Less than two years old.  It has
developed a problem.
Sound, no picture, clicking sound and power LED, flashing red 10 times then
off, then repeats.
The manual suggests that the set should go back to the service centre, but
as the friend is a tech he would like some indication of what is wrong
before he returns it.
Can anyone help?


Re: Sony RPTV problem

Set tells you correct -- call local repairer.

Sounds like horizontal problem. Most likely in High Voltage area. When
flyback transformer goes, usually there is no sound and set will not turn

In any case, this is not a problem for an inexperienced technician, as
lethal voltages are present. And unit is too expensive to play with.

Where are you?


"Rod" <rodlg000ATyahooDOTcom> wrote in message
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Re: Sony RPTV problem

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The set's in Darwin

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