Sony KV36FV15 no pix, except PIP

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Last night by accident I unplugged the Sony Vega KV36FV15 which was
turned off, when I plugged the TV back in, the TV came on, without the
power button being pushed!!  Once the TV was on there was no picture!!
After trying everything to get a picture,  I discovered that the PIP
worked, but still the main picture would not show, except there is a
ghost like image which showed the picture that should be displayed on
the CRT!!!  Strange, NO main picture, PIP and sound works.  Has this
happen to anyone?? Should I get a service manual and try to trouble
shoot?  HELP!!!

Sony Ron

Re: Sony KV36FV15 no pix, except PIP
On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 21:23:47 +0000, Sony Ron

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Should you?

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