Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine

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I would like to buy a Samsung J845 Front Loading Washing Machine.

Anyone know about any issues / problems / complaints / good reviews
regarding Samsung washing machines??


Re: Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine

1. On average an expensive front loader will not last any longer than a top
loader that is 1/2 the price.
2. You will not realize enough $ savings from lower water consumption to pay
the tax on a front loader.
3. If you buy a front loader for your wife you might get more action in the
bedroom for one night........or in the laundry room?
4. All her friends will be envious of her new overpriced clothes washer.
5. Samsung has got to be better than a Frigidare front loader.
6. Front loaders have incredible capacity to hold lots of laundry, but still
not worth the extra $ IMO.

My .02


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Re: Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine

Yay Craig well said !!!

Re: Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine

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Like any good front loader you will pay a little more , we currently run
an Lg 7.5 kg , replaced a kleenmaid which ran 10 years and before that
some dodgy pommie bit of crap we inherited which only lasted 4 years
after we got it , but then it was 10 yeas old  on delivery , they use
considerably less water which being one tanks( us) ( about 1/3 or less
water normally) is most important and of course the fact we get 18
months from a 20kg tub of pullmans detergent ( from godfreys) is a huge
saving. Cloths tend to last considerably longer and the machines tend to
rather quieter , apart from that no particular advantages .

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