Anyone With Any Knowledge Regarding How Water Temp's are Determined In Washing Mach. ?


For anyone that might have any knowledge regarding how water temp's are determined for a front loading washing machine:

My wife is driving me crazy over this. Claims that when our machine is on "cold" the water is way too warm.

We have a Maytag Neptune Washing Machine purchased in 2003 (Horiz. model) The Model No. is: MAH 5500BWW.

Would like to understand how they adjust the water temp's that you select like "warm", etc. ?

Is there an actual thermostat, or do they just "time" the e.g., cold inflow of water, or are there different orifice openings to control amount of, or... ?

Do these things (if a thermostat / thermistor, or control board) tend to go bad often ? Anything else that might be the problem ?



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I'm pretty sure that on all the machines I've ever used, there are just two solenoid valves. "Cold" opens the cold one, "hot" opens the hot one, and "warm" opens both. There's a level sensor, of course, but no temp sensor. If you have a fancy computerized machine, though, things may be different.

If the "cold" water is any warmer than cold tap water, then perhaps Maytag has discovered a temperature that is warm enough to give better cleaning performance, but cool enough to prevent damage. I never really gave it much thought, actually; I pretty much wash everything on "regular."

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According to the manual cold is 65F and warm is 105F. It doesn't say what hot is, but I guess it is whatever comes out of the tap (Probably around 130F depending on your water heater setting). These seem to match the temperatures used for laundry symbols (See for example

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It does this by mixing hot and cold water. Some models have a heater which would have another button under the temperature buttons.

The laundry guide that came with the machine states that cold tap water is usually too cold to make detergent work properly.

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Shawn D'Alimonte

You might consider verifying that the hot and cold inlet hoses are not reversed.

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Just FYI, Consumer Reports debunked this statement years ago. Virtually all modern laundry detergents work just as well in cold water as they do in warm.

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Travis Jordan

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