MCU interface basics?

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I'm after information on interfacing microcontrollers with pc's running

Are there any shortcuts for device drivers, like generics?

Re: MCU interface basics?

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You should ask in comp.arch.embedded, but...

RS-232 is easy enough to interface once you work out how to
put the device driver into raw mode, or if you program your
MCU to work with whole lines of ASCII printable data. But
many computers these days don't come with RS-232. In case
you need RS-232 anyway, look at the USB/RS232 interface chips,
they give you USB device drivers that make it look like a COM

There are other ways. MCU's exist with USB client hardware,
but that's a fair bit of work. Or you can interface to the
parallel port and use a generic device driver to grant direct
access to the I/O ports required.

Re: MCU interface basics?

Thanks for the info, very helpfull!

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