Spin Cycle Front Loading Washing Machine starts and stops..

I just got a new LG Tromm WM2277CW Front Loading washer. My question is it supposed to stop and go on the spin cycle alot? It tries to statrt spinning but then it realizes it is out of balance and stops, then trys again.. It eventually gets it balanced but it takes about 5 minutes before it can balance.


- Mike

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Michael Kennedy
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This is exactly the way that this unit is supposed to work. Its far better than the standard washer that simply stops dead when it is out of balance. Of course , you could always attempt to do a better job at balancing the load to begin with, then the unit will not have to stop.

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K `Sleep

Pretty hard to try to balance the load in a FRONT LOADING machine!

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Jumpster Jiver

That's easy - just push it over on it's back. ;)

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