McDonalds cheeseburger last longer

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Story from New Zealand

Nine years ago, Tane Randell was All Black captain, Jenny Shipley was Prime
Minister and Robin Fisher bought a cheeseburger at McDonalds.

Tane and Jenny have since moved on but the cheeseburger remains intact in a
Canterbury pantry, almost perfectly preserved.

Why? And why are we interested?

Well, last night we looked at food preservatives and their impact on our
behavious. /

Re: McDonalds cheeseburger last longer

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Zealand /...
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ummm,,, why are you interested

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Even if you eat it, the fat resulting from it would last a lifetime on
most people'b body.

How long the fat lasts is inversely proportional to how much of this
shit people eat, the more they eat, sooner they kark it, and sooner
the fat decomposes.  or does it preserve the body (or at least the
fat) for years later too ?

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