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I have built a flatbed printer from an old Epson Stylus 640 but need to fool
printer into thinking there is paper in, when the drive stepper is disabled
I have tried timing relays but can't get it right. Does any clever person
know how I do this. Maybe some way of resetting the control chip

I have a good knowledge of electronics but can't find the relevant info.

This would be a great project if it were possible.

Re: Flatbed Printer mod

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Since you're attempting to re-engineer this printer, why don't you try to
the service manual from Epson.  If nothing else, it would show you were
the sensors are / were located.

Re: Flatbed Printer mod

I have the all the wiring diagrams but can't find a datasheet for the main
control chip E05B43YA
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Re: Flatbed Printer mod

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I have service manuals for several very date impact printers.  They show
including the timing adjustments.  Perhaps the documents aren't as well
written as it is
expect that the printer will be tossed.

For want of a drive belt, I had to dispose of an otherwise functional HP
printer.  I
thought it odd that a 20 year old dot matrix printer has a functional drive
belt yet a
5 year old ink jet has a degraded belt and no spares available, new or used.

I did scrap the steppers out of it however.

Re: Flatbed Printer mod

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I guess the answers that were already given to you on
sci.electronics.basics (including mine) didn't suit.


Don McKenzie

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Re: Flatbed Printer mod

No thanks for the info I am trying your method toworrow I just like to get
as much info first please don't take the hump I am very grateful.
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