Sony receiver no longer remembers last audio source

I have a minor but irritating problem with a Sony STR-AV270 receiver. When powered on, it no longer remembers the last audio source when it was last turned off, but instead always defaults to the FM tuner. It never used to do this until recently. What's irritating is that I don't use the receiver for FM audio, and no antenna is attached to the unit. So I often wind up getting loud static in my headphones before I realize I need to manually switch sources.

If the fix is easy I'd like to handle it myself. It's an old model and isn't under warranty anymore.

Thanks for any info.

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Mike Foss
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Maybe a backup capacitor - other than that I got nothing. No service bulletins on this.

Mark Z.

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Mark D. Zacharias

Sounds like the memory back up battery has failed. Common with age. Might be a Ni-Cad or capacitor.

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Dave Plowman (News)

it's hard to say. you could have some bad Flash memory if that is what's holding your settings? you could have an on board Ni-cad better/Cell that needs replacing because it will no longer accept a charge or you could be using one of those high dense button caps that needs to be replaced!

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Probably the battery.


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