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Hello I have bought an old led sign SILENTRADIO 3502 M16 without keyboard. at the back of my led sign there is a connector like network connectors, and wrotten near it the word : keyboard I want a help in order to find a keyboard thanx

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Sounds like a serial port. If you can find a "console cable" then you may be able to talk to it with a PC's serial port.

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On 3 Jan 2007 06:55:59 -0800, "lemarsien43" put finger to keyboard and composed:

Measure the voltages. If the interface is RS232, then you may see

+/-12V or similar. As a rule, unless there are pull-up resistors, any pin carrying +/-12V will be an output. An examination of the interface chip(s) may also shed some light on the interface type. If the keyboard is powered from the interface, check for +5V and ground.

I don't know if this URL will be of any help:

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