LED/Sign Light project help needed

I hope somebody here can help me in the right direction.

I bought a casino slot machine sign from ebay and it has 2 parts to it. A top light sign and an LED display.

The led display is a dot matrix 8x8. They are stacked to form a row of 8. You can see a pic of it here:

formatting link

This was tested with a 3 amp power supply and the display scrolls "No Data" (obviously gets the data from the PCB inside the slot machine). I do not have access to any schematics as you have to have connections or work in the casino industry to get them. Even if that was available, parts for this would only be sold to authorized casino individuals. So basically, I'm in the dark.

Question 1: How to I get this LED to display text that I choose? (parts needed, how to connect to PC, program to use, etc...)

The second part of the sign can be seen here:

formatting link

There are LED's behind this sign as well, and my goal is to get it to solidly light up (as opposed to flashing which the PCB controls).

I've had someone look at it and he doesn't know where the power comes from. He believes it gets it's power from another source that is connected to this piece. We tested it with the power supply and, while it made a very slight noise, it did not light up at all.

Question 2: How can I get this to light up?

Any help is VERY appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


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