I've had neough of Doof Doof

this is a desperate plea ....
i live next to the worst neighbours in the world
7 days a week they spark up doof doof music in their tin garage adjacent
to our boundry, usually this starts about midnight and stops when i
pound shit out of their shed about 1- 2 am.
I've tried asking them to have some respect and the response was turn it
up louder, i've tried the police, but it's not loud from the street, so
the police don't think it's a problem. a complaint to the council stops
them for a few weeks and then it starts again.
I don't mind the odd party, but 7 nights a week is a bit much, we can't
really hear the music .. more the thump of the bass coming thru the
whole house.
now i want to fight fire with fire (hate the pricks anyway)
what i'm after is some sort of high pitched sound generator which is
painfull to the ears, but not loud. would prefer something which is
directional, so not to annoy the other neighbours.
I'm not savvy with electronics, but have built the odd dick smith kit
etc without a problem.
Does anybody know where i could find info on making such a thing or have
a better suggestion.
at the moment i've taken to parking the open sulo bin with dog shit
under the shed air con to make life a bit more enjoyable :)
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I'm not sure there is a viable electronic solution.
What sort of aircon is it? If you are sure it sucks air from outside, let a few litres of water stew in the bottom of your nugget bin for a week or two. Drain it off into a squirt bottle - you should be able to get a couple of metres range, into the air inlet.
If they are up late doof doofing, perhaps you should mow your lawn 1st thing the next morning & interrupt their sleep-in.
If it's a rental try the landlord or managing agency.
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Get 2 sonalerts and fire them up together. They rarely perfectly match in frequency, causing them to resonate. The result causes headspins and disorientation.
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two bob
My sympathies.
Usually what happens.
Know the sound you mean. Your neighbours wouldn't happen to be of a certain Mediterranean extraction would they?
I was aware of something like that having existed somewhere. A sort of sound generator that generated sound above the frequency of humain hearing but is painful to the ears nonetheless. Although I don't know if it would put out the power to have the effect you're looking for.
I don't know if you could find such a thing in a kit form. More likely it would be some manufactured ultrasonic sound generating device.
Charles L
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Charles L
Hey I like the dog shit idea. :-)
I had the same problem with a neighbour. I waited until the idiots went to bed (presumably they did so after the doof doof stopped). Turned on my own HT system with the speakers switched off but the sub-woofer left on. Set up a good bassy CD on endless repeat of the same song, cranked up the volume and left the house for an hour or so.
Even if the cops turn up, low frequency bass is very hard to determine exactly where it's coming from so with all the lights out they just think no one is home. Also it couldn't have been you because you were out, right? Just make sure the security video catches you having a burger and coffee at your local Macca's so you have a nice alibi. :-)
Alternatively, wait until morning, open up the windows in their direction and at the first legal opportunity to crank it up, do so. Very effective if they like to sleep in and / or have a hangover. Sweet. :-) Works for me.

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no-one special
Abalone guts would be more pungent. :)
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Ghost in the machine
try out phasing them.
set up an old amp and a pair of big speakers or a powered sub , stick a mic near to where the sound is comming from, hook the speakers up backwards and turn it up. what should happen is there bass noise will be picked up by the mic sent to the speakers but in revers, so, when a bass note hits, your speakers will fire in the revers direction taking the power out of the bass note leaving them with a hollow bassless sound.
play around with the inversion and you can make a bass frequs phase in and out, it is mentally disterbing to the would be doof doof listener and they should quit out of desperation, else, if they are listening to a tuner (radio) , use a FM bug or transmitter and kill there desired frequency
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Matt2 - Amstereo
Ideas...and funny.... A Uncle of mine used to give several delinquents at St Peters a bit of curry because of their antics. Their revenge was to get old crumble dog doo, powder it and pour this down the air vents in front of the windscreen in his EH holden. The inside of the car would become an instant fog of dog poo powder when the flow-through ventilation was turned on on a hot day. Instant snow man look.
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Take advice from your local council , there will be 10pm or 11pm restrictions and methods of enforcement and monitoring , IF that fails then get the 3 days old prawns out.
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Hi Dee
Instead of tit-4-tat, why don't you form a mobb use standover tactics ? -- much more effective.
For a sound generator, just get a cheap 120dB alarm system from Dick Smith and set the PIR sensor to saturate so that the sound is always on.
Dee wrote:
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Why buy the whole thing? Just buy the siren and hook that up to a DC supply.
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Ghost in the machine
Wow that's hilariously nasty.
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Ghost in the machine
formatting link

looks good to me. :-)
Don McKenzie
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Don McKenzie
Thanks for the replies all, i'll come up with something to annoy em :)
was thinking of sticking one of those dummy security cameras under my eave pointing their way a bit, if they question it, i'll say i am gathering information :) that should make them paranoid. as long as it's pointing along the side of my house i can say it's home security if they complain to the cops or something.
I do have a motor driven siren here, might dig up a car battery and spark that up when they start, only problem is i don't want to annoy the kids, guess i'll have to send the missus and kids away to visit the rellies.
Their air-con nearlly hangs over our fence, so the bin is sitting just under it. no need to have any range. guess i might just happen to lean some tin against the bin as well, that should force the air-con to draw the majority of air from across the bin.
Might do some searches on the net for stink bombs, a slow release one in the bin would be great :)
but i think the best result is if i just double the complaints to the cops and council.
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What a pity there's no such thing as an EMP gun
Your situation would be ideal for a field test
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Out of pure boredom just had a look around - forget getting a recipe off the net. Every one I've come across looks like it was written by an 8 year old with absolutely NFI about chemistry or common sense - one dictates a chlorine bomb with eggs for smell. "Leave in a warm place for five days then throw through a window where it will explode and coat the walls with rotten egg!" etc.
Most of the ones I've seen are modified "Anarchists' Cookbook" recipes, quite likely to kill you and/or explode in your face. Might be better off visiting a magic store, they tend to have some fantastic stink capsules, much like blood capsules. Designed for throwing, not eating tho ;)
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mark jb
Further to that, have you had a look at the Jaycar 'Tweetie Pie' screamers? Got one of the white ones, connected to any 12vdc source in any room of the house is easily loud enough to wake the entire household. Very high pitched, very disturbing.
Perhaps place one in close proximity to the air conditioner, around 7am if they stay up all night - would make a fantastic wake-up call.
You could also try a canned air horn, marine type. Just make sure you're not going to alienate other neighbours using this technique.
Had a similar problem across the road from my place, three 500w halogen floods on the roof quickly sent the message across - shining straight into all 3 bedroom windows of the joint.
Hard to sleep with that much light pouring through vertical blinds ;)
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mark jb
Politely knock on their door. With a sledgehammer.
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Fraser Johnston
Classical music?
Old prawns in the bin sounds interesting.
Good luck.
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Terry Collins
Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" might get their attention. 8)
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