FS:Infocus LP-725 LCD projector (newcastle)

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have a LCD projector FS...which we have been using till recently (when
the globe for it burnt out. The rest of the unit works OK
The globe - I have not been able to source a cheap globe for it(what is
cheap to me )  so if you need it for parts or have globe to fit it ..you
are on your way ..I am selling it for $350 +postage  ..

or if you have a globe (or ex Lp725 or 735 that has died ,,but globe ok
..let me know how much ..I might buy it...and get this one going..)

I used it to watch movies and play PS2 games..

So there you are ..LP725 minus a lamp ..or if you have lamp or broken
down lP725/735 projector  ..but lamp Ok let me know how much..

pick up or post from newcastle

Re: FS:Infocus LP-725 LCD projector (newcastle)

How many ANSI

Re: FS:Infocus LP-725 LCD projector (newcastle)

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MSRP (USD) :      $ 8,499
Brightness (Lumens) :     750 ANSI
Contrast:     ANSI:
Full On/Off:     300:1
Weight:     5.4 kg
Size (cm) (HxWxD) :     15.2 x 29.7 x 38.9
Throw Dist (m) : InFocus LP725 Projection Calculator     1.5 - 5.5
Image Size (cm) :     89.9 - 422.5
Lens:     Focus:
Zoom:     Manual, 1.30:1
Optional Lenses:     No
Digital Zoom:     No
Keystone Correction:     Fixed
Lens Shift:     No
Compatibility:     HDTV:
EDTV/480p:     No
SDTV/480i:     No
Component Video:     No
Video:     Yes
Digital Input:     No
Personal Computers:     Yes
Networking:     Wired:
Wireless:     No
Warranty:     2 Years
Lamp:     Type:
    150W UHE
Life:     2000 hours
Quantity:     1
Display:     Type:
    1.3" PolySi LCD (3)
Native:     800x600 Pixels
Maximum:     1024x768 Pixels
Aspect Ratio:     4:3 (SVGA)
H-Sync Range:          **
V-Sync Range:     50 - 100Hz
Pixel Clock:          **
Speakers:     3.0W Mono
Max Power:     250W
Voltage:     100V - 240V
FCC Class:     A
Audible Noise:     39.0 dB
Special:          **
Status:     Out of Production
First Ship:          **
Last Ship:     Jun 2000

Re: FS:Infocus LP-725 LCD projector (newcastle)

it is bright enough (when the lamp works  :) )  ..I've usualy projected
it over a  5-6 distance with a 5x4 (approx) size view on the wall ..

in fact  from memory the 150w lamp is supposed to be something like
10000lumens intensity (it is bloody bright if you have a look at it..

Justern wrote:

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Re: FS:Infocus LP-725 LCD projector (newcastle)

that is im meters ..  m

mc wrote:

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Re: FS:Infocus LP-725 LCD projector (newcastle)

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