Commercial opportunity for a collaborative project

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I have an idea for the design and assembly of a relatively "simple"
device involving video technology.

I am hoping that there may be an electronics hobbyist on this forum
who may appreciate an opportunity to make some money while having fun.
I believe the market for this device is very large so long as the
market will wear the price.

If you would like to discuss this please send me a message and we can
arrange to discuss this off-line.

I would handle finance and markerting. The project would be based on

My collaborative partner will need to be electronically "switched on",
be a lateral thinker, have drive and lives by the philosophy that
there is a "way of solving any problem" - it just needs to be found.

Look forward to talking.

Thank you.

Re: Commercial opportunity for a collaborative project


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**  Watch out  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This has  ALL  the signs of a  VERY  bad outcome just waiting to happen.

.......   Phil

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