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What is the difference between a circuit qualified as industrial (-40°

+85°) and commercial (0° +70°) There are technological differences or only tests ? Tests are unitary (??) or only on samples ?

What is the risk to use a memory sram commercial between -20 to 50° ?

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Don't know. Historically, the integrated circuits would all be made by the same process on the same production line, then sorted after testing; industrial-rated parts would get different pacakaging from comercial rated parts.

This may not be true today.

It depends on the test and the manufacturer. Data sheets usually differentiate between limits based on sampling and limits based on comprehensive testiing of every part.

It depends on the memory technology, but probably not too high.

-- Bill Sloman, Nijmegen

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Bill Sloman


Only tests (and specs).

Depends. Some specs are only "guaranteed by design" and are never tested. Others are tested on each unit.

Commercial == 0 to 70? I think it depends on how critical the application is, whether I'd even try it. It probably would work, though likely wouldn't meet timing specs. If you have a lot of slop in the timing, there's a good chance it'll work.

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