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Re: Chinese text
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Re: Chinese text

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There's a few Chinese-English dictionaries on - but they're  
mostly scanned historical books, so may not be much good for modern  
technical terms.  

Re: Chinese text
On Sat, 8 Aug 2015 21:58:20 +0100, "Ian Field"

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I'm pretty sure it's UV-cured solder-mask ink.  It's definitely

Re: Chinese text
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Jiangmen ABQ Electronic Material Co.,LTD was estimated in the year of 2006.

specialized in the production of high-end photoimageable PCB ink.

We passed the ISO9001 quality standard identification.and ISO14001.


Our Main products:

PISM white colour RS-2000 (W series)for LED ( patent products ),

PISM white colour matt for automative (we have TS16949 certificate , in Eur
ope our RS-2000 WDM already be appointed to use in Automative industry,so t
here are a lot of PCB factory from china ,from korea ,from Thailand are buy
ing RS-2000 WDM for their Europe automotive order).


Electronica spray ink RS-2000 SP(our electronica spray ink is sucessful in  
Korea market already)

PISM green colour RS-2000GL

PISM other colours RS-2000 BL,K,Y,R ,and others.

$UV cured solder mask UV-1000 G green colour

UV cured solder mask UV-1000 W white colour

Etching ink RS-1200,RS-1280,RS-8580

UV etching ink UV-680,UV 690.

Conduction current carbon ink RF-1860

Low pressure coating ink:RS-2000 BDHF

Marking ink.


All of our products are approved by UL ,(UL filenumber :E-310593).


Main customers in china :Founder technology ,Tiger builder ,Red board ,KB

,mankun and so on.


Due to we are setting up a new factory ,the total produce capacity will  

reach 800tons per month.


In order to meet the new capacity we must develop oversea market largely  

with very competitive price.


Our oversea market is developing very fast on the basis of our competitive

price ,stable quality ,excellent service.

Now our oversea market is :korea ,russia ,india ,parkistan,saudi,brazil  

,usa,vietnam,turkey,Iran,malaysia and so on.


Consindering the cost ,now more and more PCB manufacturers choose china  

mainland PCB ink supplier.


Now we are developing your market,so if we can get cooperation chance from

you then we will be very much appreciated.


Looking forward to hearing from you and best regards.


Mrs. Wang


Export  Manager      

Jiangmen ABQ Electronic Material CO.,LTD




E-MAIL:  |


MP:                  0086-18501626226    


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