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Re: can digital get picture if analog TV is weak?

Because you are using a triplexer, you may need a CATV type amplifier for
the antenna. It is possible that you will need an amplifier for each band,
and use the proper traps for them. This is something that will require the
services of a professional installer. He would start by evaluating the
antenna with a spectrum analyser to make sure that it is in spec, and then
work his way back to determine the exact needs.

As far as a digital TV with a digital tuner is concerned, it will only get
digital programs as long as they are being transmitted in digital. This
means that in your case the stations being received would have to have their
program content on their signal carrier in digital, and not in analog.

When a consumer digital TV is receiving an analog signal, it will work just
like an analog TV is concerned. This means that if the signal is noisy, the
set will reproduce the noise just the same way as any other analog TV. In
fact, a high end TV will usually be more sensitive to the noise, and the
viewer would probably see the noise a lot better!

If a digital TV is receiving a digital signal, and the reception is weak, as
long as the signal data is above the capture threshold of the TV's receiving
and processing system, the picture should look very good. If the signal goes
below the capture threshold, the viewer would normaly see pixelations in the
picture content. The audio would probably be also dropping out and in with
the signal variations.

The amount of signal required for a digital TV to have stable reception
depends on the capture threshold. Some digital TV models can work down to
10% to 15% signal in relation to a normal level. This means that the set may
work up to about 85% noise content in the signal.

This subject is very hypothetical. The above is only an example. There are
many factors and variables involved. The proper answer is to get a
professional antenna installer in, and let him check it out and make the
proper suggestions.  At the same time he can also check out the TV set. I
have seen people complain about an  antenna or cable installation, and it
turned out the fault was in the tuner or IF section of the TV.



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