P005RD11 4-terminal device

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Hi All,

I have a PVR just out of warranty. (Drat! :( )

Anyway a recent power surge didn't agree with it, and its 5V and 12V
supplies are now 5V regulated and 17V unregulated. :(

The P005RD11 I think is a 4 terrminal voltage regulator. I guess I
could do a bodgie repair with a 3 terminal regulator, but the right
part would be nice.

I've googled and looked at on-line supply houses, but no luck to date.

Anyone ever heard of them?


Re: P005RD11 4-terminal device

On Fri, 03 Aug 2007 06:17:38 GMT, ebff snipped-for-privacy@lnubb.pbz (RMD) put finger
to keyboard and composed:

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Could it be a Sharp PQ05RD11 ?
http://www.sharpsma.com/Page.aspx/americas/en/part/PQ05RD11J00H /
http://www.sharpsma.com/Page.aspx/americas/en/part/PQ05RD11 /

Low dropout voltage, 5V, 1A.

- Franc Zabkar
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Re: P005RD11 4-terminal device

On Fri, 03 Aug 2007 17:23:31 +1000, Franc Zabkar

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Hi Franc,

I looked more  closely at the part number using a light and magnifier.
(The parts are in a bad spot for reading the part number.)

Anyway, you are correct.

Both parts are PQ05RD11, which from the data sheet you gave, are 5V
switchable regulators.

It could be the 17V I'm seeing really is meant to be unregulated. The
17V falls to 12V under the correct load.

I've jumpered external power to the PVR hard drive, and once I do that
the unit detects the hard drive and works. On internal power it

More investigation required. :)

Thanks a bunch. :)


Re: P005RD11 4-terminal device

I have about 50 each  POORD11 voltage reg here in Rockwall Texas. Stop by
and I will give you one. They are used in the Star Micronics Point of sales
printers, Sp300.  I pay about $1.00 for them when I buy one hundred.

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