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Hi all: My 15-yr old Toshiba 27" crt television has recently developed a problem which is that approx 15 minutes after being turned on, the picture bows inward on the left and right sides. Then, after a few more minutes, the picture resolves and returns to normal and remains perfect for the remaining time the tv is on. If the symptom described above means the crt is wearing out, so be it, the set will soon be history. However, I'm wondering whether some other, replaceable part, might be going bad and causing the temporarily distorted picture.

Would appreciate any suggestions re. probable cause(s) of symptom described above. Am basically novice, but handy and with soldering skills, and have done a few simple tv repairs in the past. Thanks for your replies!

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** The symptoms suggest a cracked solder joint that is expanding as the temp rises.

But you failed to mention how quickly the symptom arrives and leaves - so it is not clear if my scenario applies.

.... Phil

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Phil Allison

horizontal coupling cap faulty yoke or flyback tranformer circuit pincushion transformer circuit or try here

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yr old Toshiba 27" crt television has recently developed a



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** The only questions really worth asking someone are ones where you * know
  • what the answer is.

Think about it.....

..... Phil

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Phil Allison






resolder the connections of the coils in the E-W correction circuit, common fault. Nothing to do with the tube. Do be aware of high voltages in tvs, see the

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before proceeding. good luck


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