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Looking for advice on buying an A3 printer.
Brother seems to be the fastest, but not very good on graphics.

Re: A3 printer

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Brother is the crappiest among the printers, but cheap.
Even an A3 capable printers are cheap.
Shoudn't be hard to find a one on greenguide, etc.  

Re: A3 printer
On 29/06/2015 6:37 AM, Damian wrote:
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I don't think greenguide is of any help in selecting the best printer,  
they are more interested in eco-friendly greenie ratings than print  
quality and value for money.
I was looking for a recommendation from someone who actually has an A3  
printer, I don't think a printer will make any difference to global  
warming etc.
And by the way I think you may be mistaken to generalise about ALL  
Brother printers, the Brother MFC-J6920DW was voted Best A3 Printer  
2015: 8 Best Printers You Can Buy by http://www.trustedreviews.com

Re: A3 printer
On 04 Jul 2015, BuckyBalls wrote:

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Well OK I've got one, but it was made in dec. 1999.

HP LaserJet 5100TN
*Monochrome *11ppm (A3) *1200dpi *330W power when printing  
*Ethernet *Parallel port *32MB RAM *33Kg (AKA a bugger to carry)  
* 3 trays - 500pg, 250pg & 100pg "multi-purpose tray", all A3  
capable *25s startup time *13s first page out *manual duplex  
(duplexer add-on was available)

I don't know its history, and it doesn't have a page counter,  
but it's still working fine after nearly 15 years, print quality  
is good. Toner is still available, at least from 3rd party  
crowds. Saw one go for a bit over $100 on Ebay a few months  

Yeah I know, you're not after a 15 year old printer, but that's  
all I've got to talk about.

Only A3 Printer HP currently has is the $1,829 M706N:

Looks like the successor. 18ppm A3, smaller and a bit lighter,  
USB + ethernet, more RAM. Largely similar to my old thing  
though. As for whether it would also last 15 years, I don't have  
a clue.

Oh wow, they make A3 InkJet printers now. Maybe that's what  
you're after. Oh well, you should be more specific about what  
you want.

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Re: A3 printer
On Sun, 05 Jul 2015 03:26:47 +0000, Computer Nerd Kev wrote:

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Same here

The Epson 1160 juat wore out from changing cartridges.
The HP 5simx badly needs a 600k maintenance service, but at $700 cost  
when I last looked at the prce a decade ago, not justified.
THE HP 4N? is comparatively unrelable and cost a few hundred dollars for  
a service the last time if gave a mysterious error and I'm not prepared  
to pay that either.

No replacements as I just don't have the need.

Hint, people get tired of recommendations when the question/need/use is  

Re: A3 printer
On 5/07/2015 5:26 AM, Computer Nerd Kev wrote:
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Thanks for your input.
I was initially looking for a mono A3 laser, but they are way to  
expensive. !'ve settled on an A3 Brother inkjet for around $180, while  
it doesn't produce the best quality it does scan and print A3 and is  
about the cheapest per page. I bought 30 ink cartridges for about $25. I  
really only need to print engineering drawings in A3 anyway. I've got a  
Canon Pixma that produces top quality A4 prints if I need to.

Re: A3 printer

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No, they're not. You're looking for an el cheapo.
The best bet is a Brother.

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You should be able to get an A3 mono laser printer for that price.
Just look around.  

Re: A3 printer

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FYI,  I was referring to the computer stuff, not the environmental crap on  
the Age green guide.
Either way, it looks like not many advertise on the green guide anymore.

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Good luck  Just run to the nearest store and buy it. It ain't cheap though.  

Re: A3 printer
On 14/07/2015 4:20 AM, Damian wrote:
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I ended up buying the cheaper version, MFC-J6520DW, since I've still got  
my Canon Pixma A4 printer and really only needed an A3 printer for  
engineering drawings. The Brother only cost 166 Euro and also I bought  
30 ink cartridges (yes thirty) for 25 Euro, so it's very cheap per page.
Can't beat the Canon for photo quality, even though the cartridges are  
expensive. The Brother is noisy, so I put it in the cellar (I've got a  
wired network which is much faster than the WiFi crap that people seem  
to put up with these days. Too many iWank users.)

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