Brother MFC 3420C Printer Problem

After having read the problems faced by Epson printer owners I have cautiously decided to write and ask for advice here.

Printer I own is Brother MFC 3240C

The printer is just a little over a year old. Purchased in March last year and has been through several cartridge changes over the period

Lately when I print I am noticing occasional missing dots or white lines through printed material and sometimes on pictures. I have activated a cleaning cycle and that seems to clear things up but then the problem returns soon enough especially after printing lots of text pages and such.

I've only recently put in new ink cartridges too.

So any advice would be appreciated

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Get it fixed. Brother printers are terribly notorious for failures .. we sell em at work .. we get proabbly 10x more of those back than any other brand ..

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Get it fixed... hehehe

I'm about half tempted now to jump up and down on it till it goes snap!!!

They want about $200 to replace the print heads on the yellow and magenta cartridge cradles... Yikes!!!!!!!!

I may as well go out and purchasae a brand new printer for that price. That's what they think the problem is that the heads are gone.

I wonder if I'll get better luck with a laser printer.

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That might not be that easy look here

formatting link

scroll down to Brother to the Rescue

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Hi! I also have a Brother MFC 3420C

I am fairly satisfied on the whole, but definitely not with the colour cartridge life! I printed precisely two photographs and a few days later there was a message that one of the colour cartdriges was nearly empty. After a few days (during which no colour printing was done) the message told me that the cartridge was empty. The printer then locked up and would not print anything (even in black) until this cartridge was replaced. Fortunately, I bought all 3 colours as spares because a few days later another one emptied and required replacement (no message re the third yet). Only two photos is a disgrace. I know the automatic cleaning process uses a little ink but that should be minimal.

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