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As a table based edit tool for HDL module's interface definition,
Topweaver Module Editor (TME) unifies the process of HDL coding and
document writing.

In a chip design process, for example ASIC or FPGA, people usually
first plan the project on a top-down flow, then write the HDL code to
implement the idea. However due to the restriction of traditional
development tools, people are needed to code from the very bottom,
which means a bottom-up coding style. This conflict between the plan
and coding often brings to huge human labor and unreliable product
quality. When finish coding, engineers always find the original project
plan out-of-date and need rewriting. Topweaver Module Editor wants to
change this situation.

With the tools from Topweaver family, people can quickly build the HDL
code's framework, simultaneously with the document file. TME will be
integrated into the next major version of Topweaver.

Unify the document and the HDL code with a powerful table based edit
Full function table editor to simplify the human labor
Generate HDL ports definition on Verilog95, Verilog2001 and VHDL
Visually adjustment of HDL code format
Support complex HDL code template
HDL code synchronization enable secure modifications on existed design
Extensible interface library to manage common used signals

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