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 I seem to have a problem while downloading the design on ML300 trough
the JTAG cable. I searched it over the net but found no solution.  I
can download the design using the compact flash but with JTAG it gives
a problem.

impact -batch etc/download.cmd
PM_SPEC -- Xilinx path component is <C:/EDK>
// *** BATCH CMD : setMode -bs
// *** BATCH CMD : setCable -port auto
AutoDetecting cable. Please wait.
Connecting to cable (USB Port).
Cable connection failed.
Connecting to cable (Parallel Port - LPT1).
Checking cable driver.
 Driver windrvr6.sys version = LPT base address = 0378h.
 ECP base address = FFFFFFFFh.
Cable connection established.
// *** BATCH CMD : identify
Identifying chain contents ....done.
ERROR:iMPACT:585 - A problem may exist in the hardware configuration.
       Check that the cable, scan chain, and power connections are intact,
       that the specified scan chain configuration matches the actual
hardware, and
        that the power supply is adequate and delivering the correct
Elapsed time =      0 sec.
// *** BATCH CMD : identifyMPM
Elapsed time =      0 sec.
ERROR:iMPACT:589 - No devices on chain, can't assign file
make: *** [download] Error 1

The following  is y bitgen.ut file
-g ConfigRate:4
-g CclkPin:PULLUP
-g DonePin:PULLUP
-g DriveDone:No
-g StartUpClk:JtagCLK
-g DONE_cycle:4
-g GTS_cycle:5
-g ProgPin:PULLUP
-g TckPin:PULLUP
-g TdiPin:PULLUP
-g TmsPin:PULLUP
-g DonePipe:No
-g GWE_cycle:6
-g LCK_cycle:NoWait
-g Security:NONE
-g Persist:No


There is nothing wrong with your bitstream or bitstream settings.  The
download is not even getting that far, anyway.  I suggest that you
follow the recommendations in the error message to begin:

1. Check that the cable, scan chain, and power connections are intact
    Is you cable powered?
    Is your board?
    Are TCK, TMS, TDI and TDO of the cable correctly connected to    the board?
2. That the power supply is adequate and delivering the correct voltage.
    Is you power supply set correctly and delivering the required current?

You should also run iMPACT in interactive GUI mode and build the chain
manually.  Try to read the IDCODE from any device.  That should give
additional diagnostic information.

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