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I'm looking for pull-out rackmount drawers that are similar to these:

Ideally, I would like to find 4U or 5U drawers, for 19 or 23" racks, that
are at least 20" deep. I'm told that these products exists, but I can't seem
to find them.

Also, I'd like to get hold of the official mechanical/dimensional specs for
racks and the equipment that goes inside. I've come across drawings for a
few products here-and-there, but I can't locate any specs.

I'd appreciate any pointers to URL's, or even to specific companies.



Re: Rackmount Drawer
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Chatsworth is a huge manufacturer of racks; very popular among the IT
and comms community.  http://www.chatsworth.com/ They have good product
specs you could derive from, and they probably claim compliance with
standards you can reference.

http://www.rittal.com also make racks and cabinets (see IT Solutions)

Among some of the peculiarities... there seems to be several standards
for vertical hole spacing, and many vendors have overlaid them in one
product (so not all holes will line up in all positions on a 4-hols
faceplate).  Also, there are at least 2 common screw threads that appear
close; one is coarser for aluminum frames, the other is finer for steel
clip-on nuts and threaded steel frames.

Other random commentary from a user... aluminum frames work best for
front-mount gear, since it's more rigid; steel for 4-post racks (2-post
steel rails flex under moderate loading).  Also, there seems to be no
standard depth between front/rear rails, so make sure your slide rails
can adjust the rear bracket.

Re: Rackmount Drawer

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This may help, about halfway down the page.


David Milne

reply to dmmilne at ozemail dot com dot au

Re: Rackmount Drawer
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    http://www.Mouser.com has 19" rack Bud drawers in their catalog.  Front
panel height 8.75"

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