Decent component drawers - finally !

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I have had for maybe 10 years a fantastic component/utility  "32+1" drawer  
set 32 (small) + 1(big), 4 across, and 8(+1) down. Each small drawer has  
dividers into 3, so can take a full E12 range (Rs or Cs) across one width.  
Nice waxy flexible polypropylene(?) . Some years ago I decided I needed to  
up the capacity to anoterher unit so I could do E24 values. Guess what - no  
longer made, and no equivalent available.

Well there was, sort of. Jaycar HB6328 did it, but doesn't have the dividers  
and slots to fully equipped (and maybe drawers just dividable into 2 ?),  
and it's horrible hard brittle plastic.

Just found Bunnings has a new(?) 39-drawer set that includes 5 rows of 6  
drawers, each with a dividier (removable) so it's E12 wide and 5 decades  
down. Two of those make it up to E24, and there are an additional 2 rows of  
3 larger bins below, (for me) for larger components such as high wattage  
resistors, big electrolytics, etc. And it's a simiilar waxy no-brittle  
plastic, and has little hooks to stop drawers tilting/falling out. NZ$39.95  

I'm carving some up and joining to make and extra couple of decades

The Bunnings units is called "39 Drawer Pull-out Bin Storage" and has a part  
number 220324B.

Hope this helps somebody like it helped me.

geoff  (no, I don't work for, or have any financial interest in Bunnings !)  

Re: Decent component drawers - finally !
Somewhere on teh intarwebs geoff wrote:
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Thanks Geoff. I really need to organise my components better. Currently I  
use several compartmentalised flat containers. I bought a set of those cheap  
brittle drawers but they're so plasticy and nasty I've never used them  
beyond filling the first row of drawers - then taking the stuff out again.

I'm currently putting off soldering wires to a COB LED (on aluminium) as the  
little gold contact points are tiny - 1 x 2mm. I don't know how I'm supposed  
to get enough heat into them to tin them properly before I solder wires on.  
They're also only ~1mm away from the LED itself. (It's a round 'superstar'  
sort of shape, 25mm diameter / 7w. [Epileds XC-7C2B 6500K] ) The pic of it  
at DX shows the pads already tinned but mine arent.


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