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I am working on a design that requires multiple SFP transceivers.  I have
read at http://www.qsfpmsa.org/ that a QSFP module will be available in the
near future.  This type of device would make my design much simpler and free
valuable board space.  I am wondering whether any of the readers of this
group have any insight on these developments.

When do you expect QSFP devices to become available.  What distances will be
achievable initially.  Will specs be similar to current SFP but in a
different package?   Any insider info would be great.

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I hadn't heard of this optical module variant before.  After a quick read of
the MSA site it looks like all of the major optical vendors are present, but
that this work only started in March 2005.  The press release states that
vendors expect to start shipping product in 1H06.  They have very limited
info on the actual implementation standard.

One item that concerns me is that fiber plug looks like it will be a bundle
of four instead of individual links.  If this is accurate it will really
limit adoption as these standards (GigE, FC-1, FC-2, FC-4, etc...) are used
for point to point links (switches, routers, hard drives, etc...) and not
in a bundling approach.


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