Constraining Multiple clock design

Hi all,

I'm using Mentor Graphic tools to synthesize my design (Leonardo Spectrum: ASIC and Precision RTL: FPGA).

The problem is I'm not very sure on constraining a multiple clock design using Mentor tools. Someone please share some TCL scripts (LeoSpec & Precision) on constraining multi-clock design. It will be a good reference for me and to other people.

At least, a guideline on this issue. Any suggestions and/or advice are most welcome and highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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In Precision I would simply use the GUI to constrain the clocks and then cut and paste the resulting SDC constructs from the transcript window into a script. All clock are by default asynchronous but you can put them in the same domain again using the GUI or simply use the -domain argument on create_clock. If you have lots of clocks which are not fixed between runs then look up the get_ports/get_clocks SDC commands in the manual, with this command you can do stuff like:

set clock_list [get_clocks *] or set clock_list {clock1 clock2 clock3}

foreach clk_i $clock_list { create_clock -period .... -name $clock_list ... -domain .... }


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