Am I the only one that noticed?

The Johns Hopkins tracking site shows the "reported cases" "dots" in countries around the world as a single dot. Only the US has detailed spread data shown, and china has a lot of more localized data points too, but the US most definitely has the most reporting.

Doing what we can with what we have.

We should have been testing weeks ago, and we still are not moving fast enough in that arena alone.

IF we cannot get masks and some other products made and distributed to our health workers, we need to set up sterilization facilities to re-use masks and other elements of the PPE.

Trump demanding that State Governors bow to him and sing praises of him to get assistance has to be one of the most lame things he has done to date in office. Giuliani confirmed his mindset and NYC shyster behavior model. The stupid, criminal bastard really cannot be trusted and certainly not with the running of the nation.

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