serious debugging requires Multiple TextFrames simultaneously,

accessible; unless you've got a photographic short-term-memory,
to handle the inter-related text-files, eg:
* current log,
previous logs,
* man page/s,
* current input/output experiment,
* ...
For the most taxing tasks, I use ETHOberon, which gives me those
facilities PLUS the ability to COLOuR [& font change] any part
of the texts, to add the extra-dimension. Eg. if aspects A,B,C
appear in texts: T1, T2 ..TN, you'd color all the A-aspects in
red & the C-aspects in green.
Currently, with rPi's version of ETHO [aka ALO], we can't just roam
the file tree, and launch ALO to investigate & fix a problem in any
directory, like you can with LEO [the x86 version].
But you can with `wily`: which is 'based on ETHO' by the plan9
designers [original designers of unix].
I'm writing this [in rPi] with wily now, and here's the little puzzle
that grabbed my mind, for investigation:--------
=?=> After a new/clean X-11 screen was seen;
but later [NOW] the old 3:WS/multi-app Xsession was seen to be still
So it looks as if rPi has 3 startx running:
1 started locally & 2 from remote [ssh probably] attempts.
-> pstree == see what's running, and mark X-branches with "#"
| `-cons.saver
| `-ck-launch-sessi-+-lxsession-+-lxpanel
| | |-openbox
| | |-pcmanfm
| | `-{lxsession}
| `-ssh-agent
| |-4*
| |-6*[bash]
| |-bash---mc-+-bash
| | `-4*
| |-bash---wily---pstree
| |-gnome-pty-helpe
| `-{x-terminal-emul}
| `-ck-launch-sessi-+-lxsession-+-lxpanel]
| | |-openbox]
| | |-pcmanfm]
| | `-{lxsession}]
| `-ssh-agent]
-> pgrep startx ==
=> So, apparently SEVERAL `startx` were initiated via eth0 [ssh]
-> pgrep ssh | wc -l == 8
=?=> suspect that ADDITIONAL ssh is spawned, for every `ssh`;
i.e. on `exit` the old one doesn't die. That seems wrong?!
But would be easy to test.
How would I see/switch-to the other 2 kill the parent -> pstree -p | grep 6526 == in 'upper-branch'
pstree -p | grep -n 6526 ==104
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yes, this is true. can't get enough pixels.
>=> So, apparently SEVERAL `startx` were initiated via eth0 [ssh]
> How would I see/switch-to the other 2
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Jasen Betts
Can't speak for everyone obviously, but myself and those I know use X window on *nix to get multiple terminal windows and applications. Windows users similarly run multiple programs and shells.
For remoting in there's screen.
On msdos I had a little TSR that caught the printscreen button and copied the ega text screen to the hercules so I could keep a reference after starting up the editor.
And I do remember copious use of paper notepads in the past. I even took to using a little whiteboard instead of paper for a time.
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Joe Beanfish

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