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I am having an old board made and am being asked for ODB++ format CAD data  
files.  It seems this is to facilitate the creation of the various machine  
control files.  I'm told it can also support locating traces to assist in d
ebugging.  My CAD package doesn't support this.  Would it be a hard thing f
or the developers to add?  


Doing a little digging I see it is a proprietary format promoted as open an
d seems to be most commonly used while there are alternative formats which  
do the same job.  Seems Gerber has been updated to X2 by adding attributes  
which can identify the file purpose, pad functions, etc.  Add netlist infor
mation using IPC-D-356A and the data set is complete.  



Then there is IPC-2581.  Decades ago IPC created an end to end format to co
nvey all board design info.  I don't recall the nomenclature, but they neve
r got support (I think mostly because the industry is very parochial and do
esn't look very far ahead) resulting in the standard(s) being dropped.  I d
on't know if IPC-2581 is a consolidation of that effort or a new effort, bu
t it is gaining ground.  

I don't know which format is better or if more than one should be supported
.  I've been asked by two companies for ODB++ format.  One asked for it to  
debug boards after fabrication and the other wants it to support setting up
 their assembly machines.  I didn't know about the other formats at the tim
e so I didn't ask.  

Rick C.

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Re: ODB++ PDB CAD Data
snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
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How hard it would be to add depends on how accessible the information is in
the CAD package's internal database.  I suspect it would be nontrivial -
there's probably going to be a few areas where more work needs to be done to
extract it.

It's instructive that the lower end tools all support Gerber (to some
degree), but rarely ODB++.

The other de facto standard seems to be Cadence Allegro .brd files, which
are used by a lot of motherboard manufacturers and accessible with tools


Re: ODB++ PDB CAD Data
On Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 8:33:36 AM UTC-6, Theo wrote:
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I believe the internal database is very simple.  It likely mirrors the contents of the layout file.  

I suppose I should dig into the source to see which parts will be harder to  port.  

Rick C.  

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