newbie probs with ARM7 eb40a eval board (Hitex Tantino)

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I'm doing my first steps with the ARM7 AT91R40008. I'm using the EB40A
Eval Board by Atmel and  the Hitop (with Tantino ARM)  environment.
I tried loading an example application onto the controller, but even
while opening the project, there were errors (Hiscript error, Code 37),
something about missing script files.
When I tried downloading the app onto the controller, I also received
error messages, presumably because of the same missing script files
(startup script?).
I tried erasing the flash, as suggested in the quick start guide by
hitex, but the procedure returned the following error:

"The flash algorithm didn't run properly in target. This could happen
due to the following reasons:
- the specified RAM space is not accessible.
- wrong JTAG settings. Load target code.

After this, I got the tip of using the StartEasy application by Hitex
to generate an example program. I compiled the example "blinky" and
opened the project in Hitop. This time, there were no script errors. I
still can't clear the flash and most confusingly, there are 2 Flash
Eeproms listed, when I first opened the project. I had to delete the
lower one (0x00000000-0x011FFFFF) before the download worked. I
downloaded it, but the best result I got was a slight dimming of the
chosen LED. It looks like there's something else also triggering the

So, I'm quite idea-less at the moment

anybody can help?

thanks a lot


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