Video - DSP Eval board with Altera

Is there anybody out having experiences with an evaluation board, containing an Altera FPGA like Cyclone or Stratix and doing Video processing with it?

Can anybody recoomend a certain board with a good analog behaviour (high dynamic ADC) - possibly with a (hard) DSP?

Thanks in advance.

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(this was my post, I just changed user name)

No Idea? It does not necessarily need to be a video app - just high data rete with RAM and DSP port.

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The Stratix II DSP kits are readily available. These both contain 2x

12-bit, 125MHz A/D and 2x 14-bit 165MHz D/A. The ordering codes for these are:

DK-DSP-2S60N Featuring the Stratix II 2S60 part with ~60KLEs, >2.5Mb RAM, 36 DSP Blocks.

DK-DSP-2S180N Featuring the Stratix II 2S60 part with ~180KLEs, >9.3Mb RAM, 96 DSP Blocks.

Additionally the Cyclone II version with a 2C70 device on it will be shipping shortly (boards are done - just finalizing documentation). The ordering code for this is: DK-DSP-2C70N



homoalteraiensis wrote:

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Joel Seely

Hello Joel,

the Cyclone II-unit would be nice for me - I assume. Is it programable with the WEB-Version of Quartus? (This is a pivate project at the moment)

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