MPC8272ADS flash

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I'm working on modifying u-boot for a custom platform using the MPC8272ADS
to get started.  Problem is, anytime my u-boot modifications don't work
(yeah, I make mistakes ;-)) the system becomes "un-bootable".  I have used
the BDI2000 to reflash the flash SIMM (sharp device) but that's not
convienent as it's not mine and many times I need to wait days to use it.
I'm told the BDI is about $2500... which I would rather not spend since all
I need it for is to write to the flash.  Anyone know of a cheaper way to do
this?  Something like the Macraigor Wiggler for an 8260??  I was thinking
maybe even a cheap router off eBay may let me write the flash???

Re: MPC8272ADS flash

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Why don't you use the debugging features of the BDI then?

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It seems you are not aware that GBD + a BDI200 is  a  powerful  debug
solution which prevents the need to flash loads of test images?

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