Compact Flash I/O firmware design

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I am about to develop a Compact Flash I/O device for PDA (DELL AXIM).
Fortunately I found a CF interface chipset with a UART port (Oxford Ox950).
Now I got a few questions about the firmware design.

1) For the PDA side (Using PocketPC2003), I think the PDA already has an
"integrated" CF driver inside of PPC2003, right? If I want to rewrite this
driver, what should I do? What kind of tools should I have (like Platform

2) For the CF I/O peripheral side, can I rewrite the driver? From the data
sheet of Oxford OX950, it seems that the driver is already integrated into
the chipset. Is it possible for me to rewrite the driver since I want to
control its 2 customrized I/P pins?



Re: Compact Flash I/O firmware design
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If you do not need very high bandwidth (i.e., < 100kbps), stick with the CE
PCMCIA and UART drivers.  Open your device like a CF+ serial comm card and
get on with your product.  Jumpting into driver develoment will inevitably
bog your design down and likely make your software obsolete everytime a new
version of the operating system is released.  In fact, your product might
easily be recognized by the Palm operating system.

By making your hardware conform to the CF+ serial card standard, it will
automatically be supported by all Windows platforms (PDAs, laptops, etc.).
BTW, there are simple PC-Card drives for PCs (I have a dual drive in my PC
that I do development on).  They cost about $50.

-- Andrew

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