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I'm using it in memory mode, but while searching the web I found an
audio player project which did use CF in IDE mode. If you google for
"Compact Flash" IDE you should find it.
Tim Mitchell

Re: compact flash

here's what I wrote. It's been able to read a sector from the CF card.

Note it's :

 1/ directly ported from a very useful SanDisk AN that can be downloaded here :

 2/ ugly code


void wait_ready(void) {
    while((cf[STATUS_REG] & 0xF0) != 0x50);

void wait_drq(void) {
    while((cf[STATUS_REG] & 0xF8) != 0x58);

void read_sect(const unsigned long num) {
    cf[SEC_COUNT_REG] = 0x01;
    cf[LBA_LOW] = num;  // No need for a cast...
    cf[LBA_MID] = (num >> 8) & 0x000000FF;
    cf[LBA_HI] = num >> 16;
    cf[DRV_HD_REG] = 0xE0;
    cf[COMMAND_REG] = 0x20;

void get_data(void) {
    uint i;
    xdata char * data b;

    b = IDE_BUF;
    for(i=0;i<512;i++) {
        *(b + i) = cf[DATA_REG];
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