Clock problems with SSC on AT91SAM7S64

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I'm trying to use the Synchronous Serial Controller (SSC) on the Atme
AT91SAM7S64 development kit (AT91SAM7S-EK) to interface with a Nordi
nRF2401 radio transceiver.  The Atmel documentatio
(6175A-ATARM-13-Jul-05, page 352) indicates that the SSC's transmit cloc
can "drive the TK I/O pad continuously or be limited to the actual dat
transfer."  However, the options for controlling the output of the SS
transmit clock allow only for continuously outputting the clock or settin
the clock pin as an input, both of which work as expected.  There is n
setting to allow for outputting the clock only when needed fo
transmission.  Am I missing something?  Is there a good workaround fo


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Re: Clock problems with SSC on AT91SAM7S64

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IMHO, the SSC documentation could use a lot of improvement.  I happen
to by trying to use that same subsystem on an AT91RM9200 design and
have downloaded a few other AT91' datasheets hoping that one might
contain slightly different SSC wording that would enlightenment me.

Requests to Atmel for more detailed information of the SSC "internals"
(even if NDA is required) have fallen on deaf ears.

My answer to your two questions are:

1) You are not missing anything.  The SSC documentation is.
2) I can't think of a standalone workaround.

Dan Henry

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