802.11 SDIO card interfacing

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Anyone tried to interface a uController to a 802.11 SDIO card?  

I've done PCMCIA but SDIO would be much better because of the
small pin count.

I think there is only one design out there, the Sychip WLAN6060SD.
Sychip told me they don't want to release there driver developer
docs to anyone but large OEM's.

There OEM's are:

Socket Communications,
and SanDisk.

Socket and SanDisk haven't returend my email.

So It looks like not docs.  I'm thinking that the I/O should match a
SD memory card and the chipset is Prism III.  I don't know how close
Prism III is to Prism II but they might be close.

Anyway, if anyone has and info to share let me know.  If anyone knows
of another hopefully more friednly source for SDIO 802.11 let me know.
If anyone is interested in a SDIO sniffer (protocol analizer) let me know, I may
build one.




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