Embedded 802.11

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I'm looking for open-source software that integrates a PCMCIA 802.11-type
network card onto a 16/32-bit MCU (M-CORE, ARM, H8S, SH2) with or without an
embedded OS.  I am porting an old V25 design to a new platform and new
connectivity, and I'm in the process of sizing the various options.
Ethernet is a no-brainer, but integrated 802.11 is really closer to what
they need (if its feasible).

Re: Embedded 802.11
On Sat, 9 Aug 2003 12:25:12 -0400, "Ian McBride"

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It is feasible, but the only open-source driver  is in Linux, which is
a sizeable chunk of software to port to your board. If you're hoping
to use a lightweight OS with suitable device drivers, you may find it
a full-time job keeping up with the technology, as 802.11b becomes
802.11g, WEP becomes WPA and 802.11i.

If you can consider alternatives to open source, take a look at our
new ER22 PICmicro WLAN board with I/O; although designed for a
microcontroller with limited RAM, the code could be ported to other

Jeremy Bentham
Iosoft ltd.

Re: Embedded 802.11
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Another alternative to open source is CMX-MicroNet with the Wireless Ethernet
Add-On. The wireless ethernet driver is based on the Intersil Prism chipset and
is running on an H8S. The driver works with and without an RTOS, in
Infrastructure or Ad Hoc mode, and using 64-bit or 128-bit WEP or without WEP.
CMX-MicroNet also uses very little ROM and RAM. See http://www.cmx.com .

Paul Bosselaers
CMX Systems, Inc.

Re: Embedded 802.11
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Check out Ubicom's IP2022.  They've got a reference model for 802.11,
the chip seems to pack a lot of punch, and the feedback here has been
generally very positive.  It implements interfaces in software using
high-speed serdes, so one chip can do USB, Ethernet, 802.11, etc.


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