"Happy" Invasion Day

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I hope you all get nice and toasted celebrating 221 years of
oppression, dislocation and dispossession of the original inhabitants
of this increasingly sunburnt land, and more recently 10 years of the
racist rabble rousing regime of John 93%Eva Braun94%* Howard and his nasty
neo-con refugee baby drowners- I know I did (last night at any
rate)...........at least we have Rudd now.

Of course reactionry rednecks are outraged by the valid protests
performed by indignant indiginies, and how dare these silly old
bastards criticise people who have been patronised and deprived of
their rightful resources by disinterested white bureaucrats- after
all, they haven92%t had to live in sub-standard housing which they
themselves have reduced to hovel status while continually receiving
welfare while never actually bothering to even seek gainful
employment, all they92%ve done is murder a few Asians who were trying to
liberate their own hemisphere from the yoke of European colonial rule.

The whole name 93%Australia94% day is a joke itself- seeing as we are
nothing more than the lick-spittle grovelling servants of hegemonic US
world domination- why not be truthful for once and rename it
93%Subservience Day94%, and allow occupying American killbots free access
to our homes, refrigerators and sexual partners.

Re: "Happy" Invasion Day
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Enjoy the sausage rolls.
If only people would have an attitude of contributing to Australia,
instead of being professional activists and protestors.
Grow by adding not opposing.  Live outside of the inner suburbs.

Re: "Happy" Invasion Day
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As long as the welfare payments keep being dished out to those who
dont deserve them, this sort of thing will continue

Re: "Happy" Invasion Day
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I spent a nice day at the local SURVIVAL DAY celebrations

Check it out next year mate , its a great way to enjoy the day AND
make a political statement at the same time

mind you the white racists simply could not control themselves , I
went to the toilet to see a big fat white DRUNK pissing in all the
hand basins and all over the floor in his GUTLESS  childish killjoy
attempt to disrupt the event

sort of made me feel sad for the sick minded little creep

no wonder Aboriginals have no respect for the Aussie flag he was

He was so drunk he could barely  walk , I fely pity not anger

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