Start program with SSH - graphical output on VGA display

Folks, how would I start program from an SSH session, but have the
graphical output from the program appear on VGA display? I'm wanting to
develop a screen-saver type program, but to use a remote SSH connection
during development.
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David Taylor
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You work on a PC and connect to you PI using ssh. The screensaver-type application should appear on your PC, but run on the PI?
then $ ssh -X ... should do the trick.
If The video should be shown on a device connected to the PI, then you have to set the $DISPLAY variable.
for example in the ssh session: $ export DISPLAY=:0 $ xterm
you might have to change :0 to :1, :2 ... depending on you setup. ssh and the X session should be run as the same user. That makes it simpler.
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Stefan Enzinger

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