Solved: Laser-Faxmachine / All-in-one?

Hi everyone,
please allow me to share my experiences with "All in one Fax-devices"
After a really exciting and informative discussion about what to buy and
how to use, I finally got a
Brother MFC-L2710DW.
One of the main reasons was that this machine supports PCL6 emulation and
can be accessed as "driverless", even through a VPN. This means that you
only have to get and import a suitable PPD file -- you can extract it out
of the RPM from the manufacturer -- and print via IPP.
So, there's no need to do all the struggle with the "installation helper"
script, which installs all the whistles and bells that nobody really
needs. I was expecting something like that, and did a test install on a
virtual machine first to not mess up a procuctive box. And that was a
good idea.
Well, the machine supports duplex print, which is also a good means to
make double sided copies of invoices etc,
But be aware that this box has at least 2x the dimensions (depth) of semi-
pro machines like my former HP MFPM 127 fn. Professional devices just
seem to be a little more massive.
Next thing worth mentioning is, that scanning is at least 3x as fast as
known from my former HP. Besides this, sending faxes in "fine" resolution
works flawlessly, while on my HP this never did.
Sad to say, that "Scan-to-mail" is a fake, because Brother means by that,
that you have to connect a Windows PC via USB and this one then sends the
faxes out by mail, even though the fax machine itself can send emals by
accessing an smtp server outside. So it would be easy to just attach the
scan as image file to an email. This is just a matter of software, but
Brother does not support this by some reason.
Menu structuring is good, even though some people complain that this is
confusing in some points. But as far as I have seen, other machines are
often worse.
Display has background light (where HP does not) and is well readable.
The web surface which can be accessed via browser is very good and
contains everything you will ever want to set or modify and every
parameter you may want to monitor.
In short:
For this price -- around 150 euros -- this is a really good choice if you
want an "All in one Fax machine" and want to access it mainly from your
linux boxes. I can honestly recommend this one.
Thanks for all your great ideas in this wonderful discussion!
Best regards,
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Markus Robert Kessler
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Op 11-08-19 om 11:43 schreef Markus Robert Kessler:
Thanks for your useful feedback!
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Dan Purgert
Am Sun, 11 Aug 2019 09:43:59 +0000 schrieb Markus Robert Kessler:
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The speed of scanning and printing may be influenced directly bei the amount of money, the manufacturer gives as charge to a collecting society like "GEMA", "VG Wort" or "VG Bild" in Germany. The more pages you can scan and print in a minute, the higher this charge will be. So if the maufacturer wants to save money per printer/scanner sold in germany, this sometimes leads to the strange effect, that drivers in english language scan and print much faster, than drivers for the same machine in german beacuse of reduced speed in the software ;-)
This charge is payed once per machine and because of that you are allowed to make legal private copies (see "Urherberrechtsabgabe").
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Robert Johnen
Some of your motives are above me, and I do only "hack" printing. I bought a Brother initially because it supported Linux well. A tech of German extraction told me that although the brand is Japanese, the manufacture is German. I have never tried using the PPD file by itself, because I want any add-ons.
But your experience supports my assessment of HP. See my reply to Maurice, a moment ago.[The logo shows correctly when the lid is up and facing away from you, but when the lid is down, the user sees "dy." A woman user read it that way.]
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Doug Laidlaw
My experience with an MFC-9332CDW was that the USB is only required to=20 upgrade the printer firmware/software. I used a Windoc PC from a=20 friend. After that action a new menu entry was available on touch screen which=20 supports scan to email.
It was described as "loadable feature" i=F3r simular and I got the link=20 from Brother support. But it's years ago and it may be changed.
--=20 Gerhard Reithofer - Techn. EDV Reithofer -
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