Re: Raspberry Pi GPU Goes Open Source! $10,000 Bounty For Quake 3

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> The VideoCore driver stack, which includes a complete
> provided under a 3-clause BSD license; the source release is
> accompanied by complete register-level documentation for the graphics
> engine
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To quote a different part:
"One of the thorns in the side of the Raspberry Pi crowd has been the
closed source GPU. Today that all changes. [Eben Upton] reports that
I didn't think Broadcom were keen to open up more than they already had so
this is an interesting and welcome step!
"The Raspberry Pi Foundation is offering $10,000 to the first person to
run Quake III at a playable frame rate on Raspberry Pi with open source
It might be a bit embarrassing is no one can do this....
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James Harris
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I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere next week someone has some proof of concept, and maybe by the end of the month I can play "The Longest Yard" with my wife [1] :-D.
[1] She actually asked me a few weeks ago if we could play "Quake" (3) again, which we haven't done for years and years.
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John Bokma
On Sat, 1 Mar 2014 18:04:39 -0000, "James Harris" Gave us:
bet it would run faster on the cubox
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What is the implication for Xbmc? Will the pi be able to decode video more effectively now? I guess at the very least, Milkdrop will improve now!
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Toby Newman
Bet it'd run faster on the Tianhe-2 :-)
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