playing with google text to speach on the Rp4

playing with google text to speach on the Rp4.
scripts I found use mplayer... big piece of code
had a go with wget, resulted in script gst7
# Usage:
# To speak a line of text: echo "any text" | ./gst7
# To record a line of text as mp3: echo "any text" | ./gst7 filename.mp3
read user_reply
if [ "$1" == "" ]
wget --user-agent seamonkey --no-check-certificate -O /dev/stdout "
formatting link
$user_reply&tl=en" | mpg123 -
wget --user-agent seamonkey --no-check-certificate -O $1 "
formatting link
OK, but what if I want to speak and record a complete text?
script test1
# Usage:
# ./test1 songtext.txt
# define language of text file, uncomment as required
# delete any old index file
rm mp3_list.txt
let i=0
while IFS= read -r line
# show where we are
echo "$line"
# one line of text to one mp3 file
wget --user-agent seamonkey --no-check-certificate -O t$i.mp3 "
formatting link
# generate list of mp3 files one per line
echo "file 't$i.mp3'" >> mp3_list.txt
let i=i+1
# pause between lines, leave this out if you want speed
sleep 1
done < "$input"
# to playback all generated mp3 files in sequence:
# let i=0 ; while [ 1 ] ; do mpg123 t$i.mp3 ; let i=i+1; sleep 1; done
# to combine mp3 files for playback
# ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i mp3_list.txt -c copy -y output.mp3
# to play everything
# mpg123 output.mp3
Could do a whole book that way.
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