Yamaha RX-596 receiver input selector switch problem

I have a Yamaha RX-596 stereo receiver, which has small ?servo motors that enable remote control of both the volume control and the source input (phono, cd, tape, etc) selector switch knob. The ?servo motor or its circuitry which moves the source selector knob seems to have a problem: it often bypasses the chosen position, or it shimmys and never settles to its correct position. When I operate the knob by hand (rather than with the remote) I can put it in its correct place but sometimes the LED display showing CD of FM or Phono will lag or flicker.

It seems to me that there is some bad connection somewhere, or an offset between the servo control postition and the rotary contacts. The switch and its motor circuitry are fairly easy to get at inside the receiver cabinet, so I am considering at least pulling the cabinet off and having a look and possibly reparing it mysefl - if this is at all possible?

Any ideas on experiences with a similar problem and what it might be would be greatly appreciated.


Larry Gagnon

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If its like the Arcam delta 290 and 290P on my file

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best of luck

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I cant help you here except to say I have the same issue with my unit. It rarely does it though but still annoys the crap out of me.


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Mark Kelepouris

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