Yamaha receiver RX-V992 RX-V995 won't stay on

I'm posting this issue about the Yamaha RX-V992 receiver, but the more popular "big brother" model RX-V995 shares many of the same components and design so solutions for the V995 may apply to the V992.

My RX-V992 won't stay on. I had it in storage in the original box/packing materials in a temperature/humidity controlled environment for a little over 2 years. The unit worked fine just before I packed it up. I unboxed it just the other day and tried it--it powers on for less than a second then cuts out. It seems like some kind of auto-protection is kicking in. The unit has nothing attached--no speakers, no other components.

I have heard of power supplies and relays going bad, but during usage not during storage. I personally packed the unit away, so I know it was not dropped or banged around. I'm hoping this might be a simple issue that I could fix. Otherwise... well, these units sell for less than $150 in good used working condition in classifies/auctions, so bringing it to a repair shop is likely a waste of money.

Any constructive advice greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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My first move would be to check all of the fuses. With the fact that it has been off-power for so long, the main filter caps may well have taken a serious 'gulp' of amps when it was first repowered, possibly opening a fuse. If either of the main rails to the output stages goes missing, the midpoint imbalance will cause the protect circuit to fire. Another possibility is bad contacts on the relay that switches primary volts to the main power transformer - assuming that it uses relay switching from standby. If the supply to the main power transformer doesn't come on or fully on, due to bad contacts on the relay, which again might be the case if their surface was pitted before the unit was put to bed for its long sleep, then the main rails derived from this transformer will not come up when expected, or to the level expected, and the 'power good' detection circuitry will flag an error to the system control, shutting the amp back down.


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Some Yamaha models had a problem with the memory backup capacitor leaking somewhat on the board near the microprocessor and causing various problems, including a Protect condition. In fact, my own RX-V995 did this. Still, not really a do-it-your self repair for most people.

Mark Z.

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Greetings !

It would be possible to report the location of this "memory capacitor" to share a picture.

Thank you, Mr. Jorge

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