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I have an old laptop, which I think is a winbook 5021.Does anyone know of a website with its specifications or images to compare with it. It is missing it's AC adapter and battery, so it would be nice to know a few details before proceeding with any required repair.

regards Andrew

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Andrew Tweddle
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IIRC that was their brand.

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For what it's worth,

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is the company's current web site. While they may not have any specs or docs on your model in the Support area proper, you may want to contact their tech support staff and see if they can look up that information for you. Actually getting replacements will be an entirely different problem altogether, I would imagine. Good luck to you.



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Mitchell Freeman

These older winbook laptops were made by Twinhead. Winbook does list a

5021 model and I am not familiar with it either, so you could contact Twinhead if all else fails. Are you sure it is a Winbook 5021, typically the legacy Winbooks are XL, Si, XP, LM modeled units. I had a Winbook XL2 that I went through the same struggle. I found that without having to charge a battery (mine was dead) the 19V (65watt) power requirements were rather flexible. My notebook ran just fine anyware from 12V - 19V with a universal power supply, which means you could use just about any laptop power supply as long as the polarity is correct and the plug fits. All the legacy Winbooks I used to play with had the same polarity in which the center was positive. A battery will cost you anywhere from 80 - 130 dollars along with a power supply in the range of 20 - 50 bucks. Upgrading these old machines is not neccesarily cost effective anymore.
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